About Embarque®




Embarque® delivers smart, modern transportation utilizing a fleet of conservative, late-model sedans held to the highest standards of mechanical safety and performance. Paired with a team of professional drivers, Embarque® is dedicated to offering a unique car service experience that raises the bar on efficiency and productivity, for any class of traveler.


Fuel-Efficient Fleet

Embarque® customers are guaranteed a vehicle from the short list of Embarque® approved fleet options including The fuel-efficient Toyota Camry Sedan in the United States and The Toyota Prius + MPV in the United Kingdom.


Universal Standards

The Embarque® fleet consists of late-model vehicles less than three years old which are subjected to frequent safety, mechanical, and presentation inspections. Each vehicle comes equipped with a hands-free communication device, GPS tracking + mapping unit, and complementary customer accessible Wi-Fi.


Transparent Pricing

All business costs associated with Embarque® service (airport fees, fuel surcharges, and suggested gratuity) are built into the published rate. This means that Embarque® customers receive a simple, clear price for their transportation rather than sifting through an invoice laden with add-ons.


Professional Drivers

All Embarque® drivers undergo independent third-party background checks and random drug screening. Every driver must complete training in the Smith System® of defensive driving.


Local Expertise

The Embarque® fleet is dispatched locally 24/7/365 by a team of dedicated professionals who know the ins and outs of the cities they service.


Online Reservations

Book your Embarque® transportation online at (www.embarque.com) powered and supported by industry-leading technology and a robust reservations platform.


Simplified Service

Embarque® streamlines chauffeured transportation by offering two types of service: Point-to-Point and As-Directed. Choose point-to-point service for one-way trips between any two locations. Choose As-Directed service for hourly trips that include multiple destinations, or stops.