About Unlimited Rewards

Unlimited Rewards® is loyalty program for travel professionals in the U.S. and Canada where they can earn dollar rewards for booking Avis, Budget and Hilton


Hilton pays rewards for completed qualifying transactions booked globally. Avis and Budget Car Rental pay rewards for completed qualifying transactions booked in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.


•Receive automatic dollar rewards deposited every month to a reloadable debit card. 

•Spend how you want – they’re your dollars after all.

•New members - once you reach $10 in rewards you will be sent your own card.


You can earn up to $7 with Avis and Budget, and up to $2 with Hilton. To see details on how much you can earn just click on the tab for ‘Earn Dollars’.


Earn more with Promotions 

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Ready to get paid?

Just enroll on unlimited-rewards.com.  Use your own Unlimited Rewards member number every time you book. Here’s how to book using your member number.