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"UR is a wonderful program that has allowed me to purchase items throughout the years to travel to France, where I am from, to the UK, Italy, Spain, Mexico and the Bahamas. One of my favorite purchases was tickets to go see Legally Blonde at the Savoy in London. Thank you UR for giving us those rewards so we can enjoy little "treats" for ourselves and loved ones. Plus Budget, Avis and Hilton are great products!"


— Sandrine G. of CA
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"I love the UR program because it gives me extra money to do what I love: travel the world! Because of UR, I have experienced the beauty of the Mona Lisa, canoed along the Dordogne river, toured Dachau prison camp, visited the land of my Greek ancestors, snorkeled the turquoise waters of Mexico, hiked the trails in the Swiss Alps, relaxed on the Spanish Steps, had a romantic gondola ride in Venice, strolled the streets of Old Town Rhodes, and hiked through vineyards on the Italian Riviera. Thank you UR!"

— Amy M. of UT

"Unlimited Rewards/so loved by us all/for lunch with a friend/a trip to the mall…How about a vacation/hotel, car or flight/a theme park by day/dinner & dancing at night..Some gas for the car/an oil change too/a gift for a birthday/there's so much you can do!...A day of indulgence/a trip to the spa/a "mani" and "pedi"/and!..."How do I love thee"/I've been counting the ways/with 100 words or less/I've run out of space! Thanks UR!"

— Deneen A. of IL

"I have been an UR member for almost 15 years! BEACH is my acronym for 2 things..always remember to book Budget-Avis-Hilton. And a reminder that booking BEACH will help make it possible to take my favorite vacation..TO THE BEACH!! It's so exciting to go online and check my reward points knowing I can use them for so many wonderful travel "gifts" - to myself, friends or family!!"

— Lynn S. of WI


"Using my Unlimited Rewards funds to buy hiking boots is going to help me climb to new heights! Going to Sedona Arizona to hike the monuments in the Red Rock area. I'll be soaring to new heights with UR! Catch me at Bell Rock on the Court House loop."


— Carole M. of MI

"I love that I can spend my earnings anywhere with my Mastercard reward card. I'm not limited to a list of awards that are things that I don't need that the other guys have for a travel agent rewards program. The Unlimited Rewards system gives me freedom to roam and spend using my Mastercard, which is accepted almost everywhere."


— David T. of CT

"I love UR because it allows me to take my spouse to restaurants that we couldn't otherwise afford. Right now I am storing point value for my trip to Nepal in April, 2013."


— Bryan O. of IN


"My earnings from the Unlimited Rewards program have kept me entertained for years! I have been using my points for the movies and popcorn as long as I can remember. Great rewards for helping my clients book services with Avis/Budget, Hilton and Carey/Embarque. Love getting the little extra :). Thank you for 15 rewarding years!"


— Bruce R. of CA

"Unlimited Rewards program has been the most consistent agent rewards program I have participated in. Its simplicity is wonderful. Book Budget and its partners and receive points on your prepaid card. Changing agencies! No worries; that’s simple too! Unlimited Rewards customer service has been outstanding. It’s nice to be able to use my rewards where and when I want and not wade through tons of products to redeem. I just keep it in my purse and off I go."

Thanks Budget!


— Kimberly L. of CA

"I receive a treat for taking great care of my clients. As a single parent it can be hard to make ends meet. When I receive points I use them as a special treat for me and my daughter. It could be a movie, a Starbucks, etc. UR always brings a smile just when we need it the most. We have a tradition of rolling down all the car windows and yelling, "Thanks UR!", every time we use the card. Thanks for making my family smile!"


— Terri H. of MD


"I get rewarded for doing what I would normally do anyway. Providing a rental car and hotel is an important part of travel and if I can get people set up with something great and get a little reward as a bonus then that’s awesome. And it's easy as pie!"


— Michael L. of WI